Replenishment and Control

At the heart of Wolseley Industrial’s sourcing is strategy is buying the right products, to the right specification, and at the right price. Focused on Reducing your total cost, and customizable to meet your needs, Wolseley Integrated Services' can include:
  • Storeroom Associates and Management
  • Overall Process Management
  • Automated Supply Dispensing Equipment
  • VMI and RFID Programs
  • Repair, Regrind and Warrantee Process Management
  • Complete Visibility to Inventory across multiple locations
Our Storeroom and Warehouse Management Services build off of our procurement and inventory optimization services, which combined focus on delivering superior service, inventory accuracy, operational effectiveness and enhanced information availability for business management.
  • Data Acquisition and Cleansing
  • Organization, Bar-coding, and Labeling
  • Item Plan Development
  • Value-Add Process Flow Analysis
  • Elimination of Obsolete and Surplus Materials
  • Transactional Reporting
  • Continuous Improvement