Product Support

Technical Services Wolseley Industrial goes to great lengths to ensure specialized capabilities are readily available in-house to support our customer’s most difficult problems. Wolseley Industrial has invested in a dedicated “Technical Services” team with the sole responsibility to ensure our internal and external customer’s technical needs are met, as well as a reference library of relevant industry standards, codes, and practices. The Technical Services team is charged with supporting the branch teams to help ensure that technical standards are met, products are technically sound, and any technical issues that arise are dealt with promptly and professionally. In addition to Wolseley Industrial’s Technical Services team, Wolseley Industrial also has developed a new product evaluation team that has the sole responsibility of reviewing products prior to their introduction to the Canadian market. Technical support As a technically knowledgeable specialist distributor, Wolseley Industrial has invested in tools and talent to handle the difficult technical support questions. Whether it is sizing an actuator for a specific application or providing material takeoffs from P& IDs to fast track your project, Wolseley Industrial has the team to support your requirement. Valve and actuation Wolseley Industrial can provide a wide range of valve calculations including required Cv, pressure drop across a valve, fluid velocity, check valve travel restrictors to minimize wear (DFT), as well as several calculations related to valve actuation including actuator sizing, torque requirements and appropriate safety factors, and correct actuation accessories. Please call our technical services department today to discuss your valve requirements.

Valve Training

Wolseley Industrial can provide a wide range of valve training, from in-depth course work to lunch-and-learns, as well as sessions specifically focused on your key valve or difficult/severe service needs.