Group Health and Safety Policy

Wolseley Industrial has a strong commitment to safety, whether it involves our employees, customers or the communities in which our companies operate. Our aim is to create an accident-free workplace and we are committed to continuous improvement in health and safety performance throughout our operations across Canada. Wolseley Industrial is proud of acquiring and maintaining a Certificate of Recognition (COR) for workplace safety.  COR encourages employers to go above and beyond minimum Occupational Health and Safety requirements.  High standards are adhered to through an effective health and safety management system accompanied by a proactive approach to solving problems. Company policies and training programs under OHSAS 18001 are constantly being developed, implemented, and re-iterated to ensure employees are adequately trained for each specific role.  Excellent mentorship is a fundamental step to ensure our employees are fully aware of their responsibilities and are competent to complete their tasks.  Management takes a strong stance to encourage reporting all work-related incidents, including near misses.  Any work-related incidents will be investigated and analyzed to prevent recurrence. Additionally, all branches operate with a Joint Health and Safety Committee, consisting of both worker and management representatives.  The committee meetings provide time for colleagues to work together to evaluate risks and eliminate potential workplace hazards.  All employees are encouraged to refuse unsafe work or otherwise implement hazard control principles to minimize risk.