Information and Reporting

Business Intelligence and Information Management are the cornerstones of sound continuous improvement. At Wolseley Industrial we have developed an approach to data acquisition and presentation that allows your information to be used for strategic and tactical decisions.

This includes robust Key Performance Indicators presented in a compelling dashboard environment that highlights opportunities and risks leading to action. It can also include the comprehensive data requirements for analysis and project implementation.

  • Item availability
  • Inventory investment
  • Consumption and usage
  • Productivity
  • Cost savings
  • Sourcing strategy

Wolseley Industrial’s services include not only the data acquisition and presentation, but also our professional staff working with you to take action and drive decisions and continuous improvement. Information isn’t the goal, it’s the means to an end.

Reporting Capabilities

In addition to our extensive offering of standard reports, our in-house programmers can develop reports to meet specific user requirements. These reports are accessible through the web and can be delivered real time in a variety of formats, including print ready PDF or exported to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation.

  • Web-based Accessibility
  • Ad-Hoc Capabilities
  • Customized Reporting
  • Real-Time Data
  • Raw Data of Specific Output
  • Export or Print-Ready

Dedicated IT Resources